Postcard from: The place beyond the pines

In the late 18th century a small group of remarkable friends met at a house outside Birmingham, got blind drunk and applied themselves to the problems of the age. Between the writers, intellectuals, scientists and industrialists they discovered oxygen, harnessed steam power, pioneered the theory of evolution and launched the Industrial Revolution. Then they staggered home following the light of each full moon. They were the Lunar Society.

Taking their lead from that impressive circle, in a 12th century house in Valldaura, a group of experts, professors, makers and philosophers are asking themselves how science and technology can serve society.

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Just over two months ago we launched a competition to find the best, undiscovered writing talent. We called it ‘Feed Your Head’.

Inspired by Bjork’s Possibly Maybe, ‘The Ticking Dick’ is writer Lisa Goldapple’s submission. Lisa’s story is based on a brief relationship with ‘Axtor’, an Argentinean artist, fitted with a pacemaker who fantasises about impregnating his love interest with Siamese twins. With a drop intro that made us rewind and read it again, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us blush.



I wrote some ‘fiction’. And it’s all true. Warning: Includes Elstree, rhubarb and the cock of Christ.

Short story commissioned as ‘Fast Fiction’ by top men’s fashion magazine, HERO.

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The World’s Greatest Dancer: Ángel Corella

He’s danced for the Queen and Presidents of America. Yes, that’s Presidents, plural – and now he’s added the Institute of the Arts Barcelona to his resume.

As the American Ballet Theatre’s award-winning Spanish star who once got a fifteen-minute standing ovation for his ‘Swan Lake’ , Ángel built his company Barcelona Ballet in a country with no history of classical ballet. Now internationally famed for his stellar dancing and multiple pirouettes (twenty-four, but who’s counting?), it’s the dancer’s unusually charismatic personality that provokes awe-filled gushes of “He’s so nice!”

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BUENOS AIRES SUPPER CLUBS: Go underground or go home

When in Buenos Aires, open your eyes and bellies to the craze that keeps evolving – underground supper clubs. Last week I dined with an ousted cult from Alabama, a brain surgeon on sabbatical and an ex-prostitute from Amsterdam, complete with mini-me poodle (still a poodle). Welcome to the puerta cerrada closed-door dining experience. Fixed menus, themed nights and paired wines, all hosted in someone’s house. It sounds very bourgeois bohemian, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

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As published in Journey Latin America’s Papagaio magazine.\ May 2012 Guest post by Lisa Goldapple, a regular contributor to The Real Argentina. The panic caused by a London pub’s “last orders” bell is something Britain knows all too well. While we’re downing drinks like there’s no manaña, Buenos Aires rests easy in the knowledge that they […]



Meet Ian Davidson: Lecturer in Vocals It’s important to love your voice and nurture it. That’s why working with a good vocal instructor is invaluable, because they act as that extra set of ears to help guide you in the right direction. At Institute of the Arts Barcelona, self-confessed “complete vocal geek” Ian Davidson is […]


Dance Health: The Science behind the Art

As published by Institute of the Arts Barcelona, Dec 2014. We’ve all heard the mantra “No pain, no gain”, especially in the world of dance. Whilst it is important to push yourself, adopting this adage’s attitude can lead to unnecessarily high pain thresholds and injury tolerance. This isn’t healthy and as many as 80% […]

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