20 Things You Would Not Expect to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires. Meaty Mecca for overdosing on chargrilled cow. The capital of mate, of the mullet, and of dancing to the most melancholy music in the world. The only city in the world where staring at strangers, joining a picket line, feasting at midnight, multiple dog walking, drumming up drama, weekly therapy, and cheat nights (that would be Thursday) are the norm. So, what other surprises could possibly be hidden within the city that never even naps, let alone sleeps?

Want to dance to an Hasidic Jew electro outfit, learn aerial combat or ride a lion? These activities will make your friends stutter “You did what?!” when you tell them about your time in the capital of Argentina…

The Barmitzmidis The Barmitzmidis – Holy Moses, this isn’t like going to temple!


FLY LIKE A SUPERHERO Hurl yourself through the air with aerial theatre, dance choreography and intensive stunt courses at Cuerda Producciones School – the guys behind Fuerza Bruta and De La Guarda team. They specialise in superhuman fight sequences – and who doesn’t want to run up walls? Next thing, we’ll all be kissing upside down.

Fight Flight Fight or Flight – how about both?

To sniff Borges, witness the resurrection or take high tea, read the full article in The Real Argentina, July 2011:  http://www.therealargentina.com/argentinian-wine-blog/20-things-you-wouldn%E2%80%99t-expect-to-do-in-buenos-aires/

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