In Buenos Aires, fitting in is a more complicated process than simply knowing your steak, wine and football, or becoming a pro at multiple-dog walking, staring and protesting. Here are some ways you can act, live and love like a local. If you follow them you might just avoid men on passing motorbikes hollering “gringa!” (but probably not).

Dog Walking Dog walking: dream job or bum deal? Photo courtesy of LWY.

It Started with a Beso

Whether it’s their amigo, boss or total stranger, Argentines peck each other once on the right cheek to say hola and chau (ciao is the Italian spelling.) It can seem homoerotic and large gatherings can shave hours off lives, but it’s a nice touch that isn’t all about leading to a nicer touch. Latinos are passionate, but it’s not always about sex. (Just mostly.)

From A to Buenos Aires

The complex Guia T is my Baires Bible. It’s a guide to the buses – AKA colectivos or bondis – and you’d be lost without it. Pimped disco vans hurtle around the city with up to 10 different routes. The No.60 has 10 pages dedicated to its various lines. You’ll get kudos with one of these under your arm, for deciphering it – or, at least, appearing to.

For more read the full article on The Real Argentina, March 2011:

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