INTRODUCING THE GOLDAPPLE GINTONIC – designed by Barcelona’s top mixologist

 “Gin does not agree with me.”

“Yes I do.” – Gin


Joao designed the Goldapple Gintonic at 11am. Extracted from my 5-page feature about Barcelona’s gintonic scene in Let’s Go inflight magazine, Dec 2013. Every day should start like this.


Joao ‘Cocktailpedia’ Eusebio is serious about gin. As one of Barcelona’s top mixologists, he has trained some of the city’s most talented bartenders. A couple of years ago Joao set up a training bar and tasting school at Magaztem Escola, a specialist warehouse of spirits and wine, and one of the Catalan capital’s biggest vendors of gin. It stocks over 120 gins, 10 of which are Spanish and 6 local.


Joao believes Barcelona’s gin renaissance started in the kitchen, “It has always been a drink drunk by chefs. In the past it wasn’t popular. It tasted of perfume, and suffered from bad press and image. Then the aromatic pioneers changed everything.”


The bar pro likes to marry flavours that respect the personality of each gin as conceived by the master distiller by only using 1-2 decorative elements. He is not a fan of “salad culture”, preferring to put a personal touch on classic recipes.



Pre-chilled highball glass

6 perfectly transparent ice cubes

1 cinnamon stick

50-60ml Bluecoat gin

Fever Tree tonic – to be poured with time and passion

4 thin slices of apple

Edible gold spray 

Cinnamon powder











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