For the past year I have been Creative Content Producer for the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, transforming this startup from unknown to having an online paper trail of interesting and engaging original content and thousands of followers. I shaped the IAB’s editorial voice by writing, editing and producing all of their website News articles – featuring reviews, interviews and backstage videos with the world’s greatest ballet dancers, opera singers and performing artists.

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Metamorphoses: The Power of Transformation 

Expletives. Eroticism. Evolution. This week saw the IAB Acting Foundation students make a splash in their Graduation Show – and it appealed to the animal in all of them. Turning the IAB Theatre back to front, literally and figuratively, Sebastian Harcombe directed ‘Metamorphoses’, Mary Zimmerman’s adaptation of Ovid’s tale of Greek and Roman gods and mortals.

Raise the curtain: IAB goes to the opera

Agrippina is a world where the men sing like women and the woman have the balls of 1000 men. In one case literally – as opera’s answer to Michael Jackson arrived in the form of Malena Erman’s hilarious Nerone – complete with sock appendage.

Sweet Charity: Hats off to Fosse

A dark plot with more than a hint of glamour, glitter and guffaws, the Musical Theatre Graduation Show saw the Foundation Diploma students show off the accumulation of a year’s hard work by performing the spectacular ‘Sweet Charity’. Sequined hats off to them, the two sexy, energetic and character-filled nights were sold out.

Cultural Life in Sitges 

Joan Mirò was born here, Pablo Picasso painted here and you can bet that Salvador Dalí twiddled his ‘tache over some cava and tapas in these very streets. Muse to many, the inspirational Sitges has deeply ingrained artistic roots. 

The Building Blocks of Education: Benefits of Studying a Foundation

There is a reason for the name Foundation; it takes just one-year to build the base of a students’ future.

The World’s Greatest Dancer: Ángel Corella

He’s danced for the Queen and Presidents of America. Yes, that’s Presidents, plural. And now he’s added the IAB to his resume.

The Importance of being a Triple Threat

Nobody said studying Performing Arts was easy. Singing is hard. Singing and dancing at the same time is even harder. Looking in the mirror all day whilst singing and dancing at the same time? It can be harrowing! That’s where Lucy Lummis comes in.

Hip-Hop with Roberto Saraceno

Everyone loves Hip-Hop Fridays with Roberto Saraceno. Who wouldn’t want to start their weekend popping, contracting, suspending, releasing, waving, and rocking his signature move, ‘The Drag’?

Less is More: A Make up Masterclass

Hollywood legends, top models, professional footballers and even Nirvana. As a certified make-up artist, Oona Lind has beautified a huge variety of performers from LA and NYC to Europe – and now the future stars of the IAB.

A Life in Dance: Stephane Boko Workshop 

When asked about his dance style, Stephane Boko always replies, “It’s my life story.” Incorporating stunning composition, floor work, yoga, pilates and release techniques such as Limón and Horton, this week the IAB students got an intensive 3-day Masterclass with the charismatic Cirque de Soleil choreographer.

The Sitges Student Experience 

Did you know that Spain’s first ever beach bar was born in Sitges? That’s because the creative picturesque coastal town is full of forward-thinking ideas.

Meet Rob Foley

Rob Foley is a tumbler. We’re talking somersaults, backflips, sports acrobatics andthensome. Basically he can tumble “for days” (his words). And now the Cork-born funambulist is bringing his skills to the IAB.

Why Study a Degree in Performing Arts?

Never, ever underestimate the value and power of a BA degree in Performing Arts. Yes, it creates educated, versatile, intelligent and employable performers and prepares them for the tough world of artistic performance. However, it also provides the life skills needed to work within all creative fields and business.

Introducing IAB Head of Acting: Sebastian Harcombe (Act I)

Shakespeare in Chinese. Playing Pinter’s Proust. Performance art with offal. Our new Head of Acting has surreal tales for days – seriously.

IAB in NYC: My New York Diary

A Bacchanalian rave, a beautiful ballerina and a blizzard called Hercules; if my New Year’s resolution had been to immerse myself in The Big Apple’s thriving world of contemporary performing arts in the most extreme weather the city has seen for decades, then I’d have peaked too soon.

Welcome to the Hotel Shakespeare

Last night Shakespeare was given an IAB twist thanks to the Foundation Certificate Acting students’ Christmas Show. Featuring hallucinogenic sparkle dust, a surreal dance improvisation, a bespoke guitar solo and a suggestive leek, Guest Lecturer and show director Frank Feys purposely set out to swim against the stream.

Graham Technique: The Foundation of Modern Dance

Graham Technique is the very foundation of modern dance. Recognised as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, rule-breaking dancer and choreographer Martha Graham created a movement based upon the body’s contractions and releases, and its expressive capacity.

Interview: DJ Yoda — Superstar DJ and Performing Arts alumni

You might know DJ Yoda as a globe-trotting audio-visual DJ and seminal scratch legend, but did you know that Duncan Beiny went to a Performing Arts school in London? Now considered one of the top DJs in the world, he tells the IAB how this education furthered his career, about his role as a prince and why he doesn’t dance.

IAB Director of Dance: Introducing Jen Blake

Introducing… IAB’s ‘Healthy Dancer’


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