MTV REVIEW: 15 reasons why dancing on concrete at Primavera Sound 2015 is better than grass

For three days a year, Barcelona’s oceanfront skate paradise of stairs, ramps, slopes and rails is transformed into THE European fest for music lovers.

Here’s why the 15th year of Primavera Sound in the Spanish Springtime rocked.

1. No need for rubbers.

People = 175,000
Wellies = 0

Glasto it ain’t.

2. It’s well techno – and we don’t mean Simian Mobile Disco or Richie Hawtin.

It’s trippy. It’s industrial. It’s urban.

You’re dancing to Detroit house by a cityscape under an arch of solar panels overlooking the Med sea. Your wristbands are electronic. And there’s not a bunt in sight.

3. Everyone goes on about the diverse line-up. Because.

Google “10 reasons why Primavera” and it will predict “has the best line-up in the world”. This year gave us top indie, electronica and rock headliners – The Strokes, Belle & Sebastian, Underworld, The Black Keys, Alt-J, Caribou, Jungle, James Blake, and more.

4. One Stroke is never enough.

Three Strokes-related acts took to the stages – the band itself, Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, and Albert Hammond Jr.

When JC did an ‘abstract’ cover of Strokes’ ‘Vision Of Division’, AHJ’s face did this…

Good ol’ Albert gives good Stroke face.

5. Julian Casablancas didn’t get the memo.

For their first gig in Europe since headlining Reading & Leeds Festival in 2011, the New Yorker came as a FC Barcelona mascot – sporting a red mullet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 08.52.23

They won. (FC Barcelona, not Strokes.)

6. Patti Smith took us back to 1975. even though we weren’t born.

Patti believes ‘We are all Pinocchio.’ Patti is such a wise owl. We want Patti to adopt us.

7. Junglist Massive.

Sorry, we mean Jungle were massive.

Wicked, wicked.

8. Mac DeMarco was the anti-strokes antidote. (is that a double negative?)

Mac and his goofball gang deffo win our ’Biggest Jokers’ award by covering Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ and bringing out an Anthony Keidis lookalike. Someone had to have fun for Casablancas and co.

Although this is a pretty good joke…

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 08.52.34

9. Tyler, The Creator’s mum didn’t wash his mouth out with soap and water.

10. The Lennon of the Sean variety sees dead people.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 08.52.49

11. Underworld lager lager lager lager.

12. Caribou sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun.

Please note: You can have too much sun. Don’t forget to use protection.

13. Soak made cats cry.

In a beautiful acoustic Sunday set, Bridie Monds-Watson announced that she likes performing in parks, because “I like dogs”.

14. This guy.

One amped up festival-goer got shout outs from Run the Mike for stagediving, was chosen as dance captain by Dan Deacon, is visible amongst thou in Caribou’s backstage crowd-cam, started a stage riot at the Thee Oh Sees closing party – and ended up in a fireman’s lift by F**ked Up’s Pink Eye.

That’s some next level photobombing. He could headline next year.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 08.53.00

15. DJ Coco caused deforestation.

Wave your palms trees in the air for Blur! Fleetwood Mac! Tame Impala!

Coco’s party closing set gets us every time. No, Blondie is not playing. It’s 6am Sunday morning and Taylor Swift is not on stage (sadly). It’s. a. DJ.

By Lisa Goldapple.


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