Wanted: Sheltered Anorexics for 24hour Sex Marathons

I ‘d like to compare myself to the New Zealand-resident Puriri Moth – a creature which survives in a cocoon for decades until it finally burrows out to explore the world.

Except this moth only lives for 24 hours.

And it spends that day mating.

After which it dies. Hmmm.


Lisa Goldapple =  EQUALS = Puriri Moth


(Not to scale)

(I hope)

Actually, the Puriri moth doesn’t even have a mouth, one-track-mind-ed little fucker that it is, so it doesn’t even eat – and that’s where the analogy fails. I’m a binge eater.

Plus I’m a lil older than 1 day, so basically it doesn’t work at all.

Is this a good time to make a gag about a Rolling Stone gathers no Moths?


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