BUENOS AIRES SUPPER CLUBS: Go underground or go home

When in Buenos Aires, open your eyes and bellies to the craze that keeps evolving – underground supper clubs. Last week I dined with an ousted cult from Alabama, a brain surgeon on sabbatical and an ex-prostitute from Amsterdam, complete with mini-me poodle (still a poodle). Welcome to the puerta cerrada closed-door dining experience. Fixed menus, themed nights and paired wines, all hosted in someone’s house. It sounds very bourgeois bohemian, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

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Top Argentine Film Locations

Remember Bambi, that carefree fawn galavanting about in the forest before reaching his (Spoiler Alert) mum’s untimely death? Those were Patagonian trees. How about the grandiose Himalayas in Seven Years in Tibet? They’re the Andes acting as location-doubles. As for the bleak mountains on the border of Chile and Argentina in Alive? – OK, that’s […]

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