Meet Ian Davidson: Lecturer in Vocals It’s important to love your voice and nurture it. That’s why working with a good vocal instructor is invaluable, because they act as that extra set of ears to help guide you in the right direction. At Institute of the Arts Barcelona, self-confessed “complete vocal geek” Ian Davidson is […]


The World’s Greatest Dancer: Ángel Corella

He’s danced for the Queen and Presidents of America. Yes, that’s Presidents, plural – and now he’s added the Institute of the Arts Barcelona to his resume.

As the American Ballet Theatre’s award-winning Spanish star who once got a fifteen-minute standing ovation for his ‘Swan Lake’ , Ángel built his company Barcelona Ballet in a country with no history of classical ballet. Now internationally famed for his stellar dancing and multiple pirouettes (twenty-four, but who’s counting?), it’s the dancer’s unusually charismatic personality that provokes awe-filled gushes of “He’s so nice!”

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