Based in Barcelona and London, I’m an experienced producer and writer with a love of unpretentious storytelling. For over a decade this has taken me all around the world working on light entertainment, live events and major award shows for MTV to the (quite literally) heavier subjects of elephants for National Geographic. From pre-production, setting up shoots and interviewing high profile contributors to edit producing, I have worked both in studio and on location.

I am currently Editor of a new multimedia project called ‘Atlas of the Future’. Backed by the mayor of Barcelona, the Atlas showcases innovative, future-focused projects that have the long-term potential to be socially impactful – across every type of human endeavour from technology, science, urban planning, climate, human rights. agriculture, politics, sustainability and energy, to art and culture.

Other recent projects include MTV Live, VH1, VIVA, branded content for Little Dot Studios, The Creators Project and the intricacies of new media art and experimental music for Vice. (OK, that last bit sounds a bit pretentious.)

Alongside scripting various TV documentaries, for the past year I have been Creative Content Producer for the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, transforming this startup from unknown to having an online paper trail of engaging original content.

I have also written short stories, treatments, reviews and features for inflight magazines and publications such as Dazed & Confused, HERO Magazine, Mr & Mrs Smith, Time Out, Sabotage Times, and more. Whether you need a promo, a short film to refresh your label, an explainer video or simple copy for your digital marketing agency, I’m up for it.

For specific examples, do get in touch.



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