About me

In May 2020 I had a stroke in a pandemic. They found a raspberry in my brain and I called it Clusterfuck. Corona was ruled out after a six-inch straw was shoved up my nose against my will – and on a Monday night.

That led me to revisit my massively unprofessional blog from over five years ago. It was written 20 years ago, so bear with me on this biog bit.


I’m really good at clusterfucking in general and do a good impression of a whirlwind: having worked for months in silence in a national park in New Zealand as a candle-sculptor (chandler) for the ex-supermodel who gets her tits out in ‘Animal House’, crossed Australia with Slipknot, lived with endangered gibbons building treehouses in Laos (they were crap with a Phillips screwdriver), run illegal parties in Argentina in a graveyard, gotten deported from New Zealand for wrap party behaviour and been the voice of Playboy TV.

As Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director of Atlas of the Future., every day is an adventure into a better tomorrow – spent immersed in creating visual, written content and videos about people helping build a better, more imaginative world. (Ok, all this section is cut and pasted from LinkedIn here.)

Before this, I created music shows, events, major awards and light entertainment for MTV’s music channels, and reported on the (quite literally) heavier subjects of elephants for National Geographic.

Currently straddling Barcelona and London, I’ve lived and worked in Buenos Aires (MTV), New Zealand (TVNZ) and Spain (Vice/The Creators Project and fixing for commercials/short films). Best we don’t talk about the year spent in Argentina voicing Playboy TV and writing obituary shows for VH1. The legends started dying in episode order (Michael Jackson, Bowie, Prince, George Michael). Won’t tell you who’s next.

Whether interviewing a pop icon, bigwig CEO or former-President, I’m into unpretentious storytelling and speaking human. After 20+ years of scriptwriting, producing and writing disgraceful autobiographical short stories – under the guise of fiction for Dazed & Confused, Sabotage Times and HERO Magazine – I hope that showcasing people doing “really good stuff” on Atlas of the Future will light sparks and rub off. On everyone.

I’m assuming that if there is a hell, maybe this might undo the last 20 years? But until all that, let’s have some fun.


Lisa and the Clusterfuck

AKA Goldapple and The Strange Fruit

Contact me via LinkedIn or at lisagoldapple@gmail.com

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